Gravel Ride Taster Experience Picture 1
Gravel Ride Taster Experience Picture 1

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Best Time of Year: Year Round

Max alt:  528metres

Dist:  88km

Min age:  18

Duration:  1

Gravel Bike Adventure

Trek Adventure

Test your mettle on a blast through some of Britain's best gravel routes, we've crunched through hundreds of miles to find the cream of the crop and plotted a route guaranteed to put a smile on your face, dust in your eyes and a beer in your hand! As a supported ride, it's perfect for anyone looking for the next challenge from those just getting into the Gravel-Bike scene with limited experience to hardened cyclocross veterans looking for the next long distance adventure! XC mountain bikes, CX bikes, Gravel bikes; anything goes as we're on gravel tracks rather than rocky single track, so don't worry about denting your new carbon rims!

With the surge in popularity of gravel bikes, here at Adventure Cafe we're jumping on the bandwagon and putting out some incredible upcoming events that look away from the classic roadbiking itineraries and more towards awesome adventurous gravel based trips.

If you're after a taster of this experience then look no further, expect a day of fantastic riding through some of britains best hidden routes; far from the busy roads of the city, the rolling hills of wales are our playground as we head from Rhayader through the Elan Valley out to Pontrhydfendigaid for a lunch in the local pub. Its then back across the legendary Strata Florida splashes to abergwesyn before turning north back to Rhayader. If 1 day isnt enough, join us for the second with a route towards Bwlch y Sarnau for a day weaving through challenging but picturesque trails, local knowledge is the only answer as these trails arent even on the map!



 08:00: Meet Team in Rhayader

08:30: Ride starts out towards the Elan Valley

12:00: Lunch in Pontrhydfendigaid

15:00: Coffee in Abergwesyn

18:00: Finish back in Rhayder for dinner and a pint


Route Map

What is a Level 3.5 Trekking Challenge Like?

These challenges are either longer, higher, or span several days. In the case of single day events, you can expect up to 12 hours trekking. In the case of a multi day trek, you can expect lower daily durations - but of course - the effort is sustained over a longer period. You need to be keen on physical exercise for these events, and to enjoy taking exercise, and to do it regularly. Longer duration long haul treks are likely to be easier in terms of the physical walking, however, you will need to be more resilient - due to simple living conditions - ie using same clothes for several days, lack of washing facilities, simple food, and maybe camping - this forms an integral part of the challenge.


How Fit Do I need to be to join a Level 3.5 ‘Trek’?

You need to have good endurance for these events. You must be used to doing very long walks in the countryside - 7 hours + . You should be doing regular exercise - possibly with some running. Your running speed will be around 10-11 minute miling, and you should be able to run a minimum of 4 to five miles. If you do not run, you should be concentrating on other types of exercise - but for longer periods of time (i.e. sessions in excess of 1.5 hrs.) - these other forms of exercise should be at a moderate to high level.


Medical Issues

Please note, it is extremely important for this physical challenge that you are in good health. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consider carefully whether you should be joining the challenge. Please ensure you fill in the booking form accurately and honestly, this is important. In the case of serious conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, recent illness or operations), please discuss the challenge with your GP. Please also ensure you notify us of any allergies or similar.

It requires stamina and good aerobic fitness - but good willpower will also come in handy! Failure to disclose medical conditions is a serious omission - that could have serious repercussions on any of our challenges.


Special Notes

This ride is prodimentantly off road, please prepare your bike accoringly.


Included In Trip

Experienced cycle leader, vehicle with support driver and mechanical backup, first aiders.


Excluded From Trip

Meals, Accomodation, Transport


Equipment Required

Bike Items
Road Bike / Hybrid Bike / Mountain Bike (with Touring Tyres) - please call us for guidance on type of bike on a trip by trip basis
Water Bottles (bladder system/cycle water bottles)
Cycling Gloves, Bike Lock, Neck Scarf
Small Rucksack (or small pannier)
Small Holdall (for overnight gear)
Lamps (front and rear, head torch can be worn)
Under Saddle Pouch (recommended - can be used to carry asterik* items)
Duck Tape (small folded piece off the reel)*
Puncture Repair Kit*
2 x Inner Tubes*
Multi-Tool (with allen keys)*
Pump (suitable for your valve type)
Helmet (compulsory)

Suncream, Plasters
Vaseline, Painkillers, Sunbloc

Pack Towel (lifesystems recommended), Soap (small bar)
Toothbrush, Toothpaste

Warm Clothing
Medium Weight Fleece, Lightweight Gloves, Fleece Hat

Cycle / Overnight Clothing
Lycra Cycling Shorts, Cotton Shorts
Long Cycling Trousers (Tights/Tracksuit Bottoms)
Cotton T-Shirts for evening
Short Sleeve Cycling T-Shirts (Dryflo type material) or Cycle Top with rear pockets
Cycling Shoes (approach shoes suitable)
Sandals / Spare Shoes for after ride
1 Set Casual Evening Wear
1 Pair Cotton Trousers

Waterproof Clothing
1 Outer Fully Waterproof Jacket (gore-tex, e-vent) - comfortable to cycle in
1 Pair Outer Waterproof Bottoms

Camera, Memory Card
Wallet, Credit Card, Cash
Sunglasses, Mobile Phone
Penknife, Snacks for Cycling Days (dried fruits, nuts, flapjacks, cereal bars etc)

Make sure you do not ‘over pack’ - bring only what is essential for the trip

A final kit list will be provided in your ‘Final Joining Instructions’ pre-departure..


Safety Information

Your leader and support driver will do their very best to keep you safe and well on this trip. But you should listen carefully to their briefings. It is their role to identify to you the safest way to get through this ride, and to keep an eye on you and your wellbeing. Please take seriously any suggestions or comments they may make to you - it is for your wellbeing!. The leader's primary role is to ensure your safety, but it is your responsibility to listen to their guidance and instructions.



We can expect rain anytime of the year, it may also be cold especially in the if it rains so overshoes, a coat, tights, and proper gloves are also recommended. Prepare for the worst hope for the Best!


Optional Extras



Bike Hire (subject to availability)



Notes on Trekking Events

Trek the Mountains of the World with Adventure Cafe, and our fantastic team of qualified leaders. From the UK, to the Alps, Pyrenees, Atlas Mountains, Himalayas and even Kilimanjaro. Put our International Mountain Leaders to the test! Check.


Adventure Cafe Booking Terms and Conditions

By booking an event with Adventure Cafe, you agree to these standard terms of booking. Please ensure that you read the appropriate document for your type of event carefully.

Adventure Cafe Terms & Conditions - For all types of event



Guide price




This Challenge is for exclusive group departures – please call us for more information


Event Location

Gravel Ride Taster Experience Picture 2
Gravel Ride Taster Experience Picture 2

Gravel Ride Taster Experience Picture 3
Gravel Ride Taster Experience Picture 3