Wild West Challenge Picture 1
Wild West Challenge Picture 1

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Best Time of Year: Year Round

Max alt:  529m

Dist:  67 mi

Min age:  18

Duration:  2

The Wild West Multi Challenge

Multi Activity Adventure

Get set for an amazing excitement filled weekend, which will push you to your limits, and test your skills and endurance to the maximum.

This challenge is set in the beautiful but demanding West Country countryside and notably Dartmoor. Don’t be fooled by the picturesque rolling hills and cosy river valleys this event will test you to your limits.

Day 1
Starting in Exeter, we meet good and early ready for the first stage of the day - The Canoe. From Exeter our route takes us on a scenic 5 km paddle down towards the mouth of the river Exe and the Exe estuary. We will head back to the start, where we now don cycle helmets and take off for Dartmoor on bikes.
After a gentle start riding through river valleys and pretty villages on the bikes it’s a little while before the first serious climb of the day and not long before the climb up onto the Moor itself. With over 850 metres climbed in total on the bike you’re soon glad to be back with both feet on the ground and the Trek.
The Trek begins at the base of the Bellavor Tor, be sure to refuel and wrap-up as you’re about to embark on your own mini Ten Tors Expedition. Over the next 24hrs you will be visiting some of the most stunning Tors Dartmoor has to offer. Finishing Day 1 in Princetown and completing 2 out of 10 Tors it’s a well deserved hearty fireside meal before an early night spent in either bunkhouse or camping accomodation.

Day 2
It’s an early alarm call before breakfast and a strong coffee before starting day 2. We’re back on the trail and completing the last 8 Tors on our mini Ten Tors Expedition. The last ten miles of trekking over the Moor will see us back to the bike transition and on the road for the second pedal section returning us back to Exeter city and the finish. 



09:00 - Meet in Exeter - event brief.
09:30 - Event Start
10:00 - First group arrive at Canoe start
10:15 - Last group arrive at Canoe start
12:00 - First group complete Canoe and begin Bike stage
12:15 - Last group complete Canoe
15:15 - First group complete Bike stage and begin Trek
15:30 - Last group complete Bike
18:15 - First group complete Trek stage and finish day!
18:30 - Last group complete Trek and finish day!

Day 2
08:00 - Days Briefing/Breakfast
09:00 - Down Tents
09:30 - Event Start - First wave depart on foot
09:45 - Last wave depart
13:30 - First group complete Trek and begin Bike stage
13:45 - Last group complete Trek
16:30 - First group complete Bike stage and begin final Walk stage
16:45 - Last group complete Bike
17:00 - Finish Event


Route Map


One nights tented accomodation or bunkhouse accomodation. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag.


What is a Level 4.0 Multi Activity Challenge Like?

These challenges are long in duration, high altitude, or span several days. In the case of single day events, you can expect around 12 hours of full on multi activity. In the case of a multi day challenge, you can expect lower daily durations - but of course - the effort is sustained over a longer period. You need to love physical exercise for these events, and to enjoy your training, and to do it regularly. Longer duration challenges are likely to be easier in terms of the physical effort, however, you will need to be more resilient - due to simple living conditions - ie using same clothes for several days, simple food, and maybe camping - this forms an integral part of the challenge.


How Fit Do I need to be to join a Level 4.0 ‘Multi Activity Challenge’?

You are now moving into the realms of serious challenges - where you are likely to encounter carrying equipment, cycling on rougher terrain, sleep deprivation, or high altitude, or intense multi activity events along the lines of adventure triathlons. In any case - be prepared for an event which is going to take you to the limits of your comfort zone. Days will be up to 12 hours, or slightly less if the event stretches over several days. The severity of the challenge may be magnified by various factors - as you will need to be more resilient - due to simple living conditions, simple food, variable weather conditions and maybe camping - these form a part of the challenge. You need to be in good shape to undertake any of these events, and you need to be training regularly. The height gain each day is greater than for level 3 - so expect plenty of hills! For multi activity events please work on your all round fitness.


Medical Issues

Please note, it is extremely important for this physical challenge that you are in good health. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consider carefully whether you should be joining the challenge. Please ensure you fill in the booking form accurately and honestly, this is important. In the case of serious conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, recent illness or operations), please discuss the challenge with your GP. Please also ensure you notify us of any allergies or similar.

It requires stamina and good aerobic fitness - but good willpower will also come in handy! Failure to disclose medical conditions is a serious omission - that could have serious repercussions on any of our challenges.


Included In Trip

1 night Camping (tents included) on Dartmoorr
1 Breakfast
Canoe hire on Exe
Support vehicle
Experienced qualified event marshalls


Excluded From Trip

Lunches and Dinners
Transport to and from the event
Bike Hire 


Equipment Required

Personal Medikit
Suncream, Blister Repair Kit, Plasters, Painkillers, Sunbloc

Walking/Camping Items
Day Sack (25-35 litre)
Rucksack liner(s) / Plastic Liner(s) for Rucksack
Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Bag Liner - please check whether you require a sleeping bag
Bladder System (highly recommended - or other water bottles e.g. exercise bottle/Nalgene bottle)
Walking Poles (highly recommended)
Sun Hat (wide brimmed)
Neck Scarf
Lunches - you may wish to pre-pack lunched but please check with us
Snack Foods - we recommend good slow burning items - nuts, dried fruit, cereal bars etc.

Lightweight Fleece, Lightweight Gloves, Fleece Hat
Long Cotton Trekking Trousers
Comfortable Trekking Shirts (long/short sleeved)
Walking Boots (broken in with ankle protection)
Gaiters (appropriate to moor wilderness / moorland treks - please ask!)
Walking Socks
Outer Fully Waterproof Jacket (Gore-tex, E-vent)
1 Pair Outer Waterproof Bottoms

Small Towel, Pack of Travel Tissues
Camera, Film / Memory Card / Spare Battery
Wallet, Credit Cards, Cash
Sunglasses, Spare Comfortable Shoes
Mobile Phone

Bike Items
Road Bike / Hybrid Bike / Mountain Bike (with Touring Tyres) - please call us for guidance on a trip by trip basis
Water Bottles (bladder system/cycle water bottles)
Under Saddle Pouch (recommended - can be used to carry asterik* items)
Puncture Repair Kit*
2 x Inner Tubes*
Multi-Tool (with allen keys)*
Pump (suitable for your valve type)
Helmet (compulsory)


Safety Information

By nature all activities contain an element of risk.Your marshals/leaders will be first aid qualified and will carry the appropriate safety kit for the activity, such as mountain safety shelters, walking rope and from time to time mobile radios. Safety equipment carried will be appropriate to trip. The marshals/leaders primary role is to ensure your safety, but it is your responsibility to listen to their guidance and instructions.



As you know the weather in England is unpredictable, so it’s best to prepare for hot or cold conditions. Bear in mind you will be on the water and it is likely you will get wet, so please bring suitable clothing for this. Equally during the summer, you could find hot and sunny conditions, so please be prepared with plenty of fluids, and sun protection.



Adventure Cafe Booking Terms and Conditions

By booking an event with Adventure Cafe, you agree to these standard terms of booking. Please ensure that you read the appropriate document for your type of event carefully.

Adventure Cafe Terms & Conditions - For all types of event



Guide price

£Price on enquiry



This Challenge is for exclusive group departures – please call us for more information


Event Location

Wild West Challenge Picture 2
Wild West Challenge Picture 2

Wild West Challenge Picture 3
Wild West Challenge Picture 3