Classic Three Peaks Challenge

Activity FAQs

Welcome to our all new Adventure Cafe Multi Activity FAQ site.

1. Do I need to bring any specialist equipment?

No..... we provide boats, buoyancy aids, climbing harnesses, helmets, ropes, all climbing hardwear, paddles. In fact the main items we don't provide are footwear, clothing, and rucsacks. We can help with hire on certain items such as walking poles and headtorches, bikes, and tools where required.

2. Can we still do our event if its raining?
Yes..... it takes a lot to put us off! But - climbing in the rain isn't a lot of fun - so this is sometimes curtailed. In the High Mountains in extreme high winds we have been known to turn around (when folks start getting blown off their feet) - we bring our teams down to keep everyone safe. Poor visibility and rain are no excuse however - as our leaders are experienced and skilled to cope with these conditions.

3. What should I wear on my feet for climbing?
Trainers or Walking Boots - or climbing shoes if you have them! Walking boots in many instances are preferable to trainers.

4. Do I have to do all the activities?
You are welcome to sit an activity out if you are really terrified - but we'd like to see everyone having a go at everything. Its our mission to see everyone confront their challenges!

5. Can I bring my own Bike?
You are welcome to bring your own bike. It may need to be loaded on board our support vehicle to transfer to the transition location (sometimes neccessary) - but the answer is generally yes!

6. Can I get changed between activities?
You may send a change of clothing on board our support vehicle in many instances. And the support vehicle should (please always check) meet you at transition.

7. When do I have lunch?
Generally lunch breaks are at our transition locations. You will need to check this with leaders on event day. Also you need to make sure that lunch has been included in your event. If not, you may wish to put your lunch in your transition kit, on board the support vehicle.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please call us on 01823 444246 or email us at

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