Kilimanjaro Classic Machame Trek Picture 1
Kilimanjaro Classic Machame Trek Picture 1

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Best Time of Year: Jun - Oct/Dec - Feb

Max alt:  5896m

Dist:  100km

Min age:  18

Duration:  8

Kilimanjaro Machame Route Trek Challenge

Trek Adventure

Either as a guided Adventure Cafe team expedition, or travelling as your own small group, our 8 day trek is a real winner. Here's a safe way of scaling Kilimanjaro, to give you the maximum chance of successfully scaling this monster! Either way Adventure Cafe can help to make your trip run smoothly, and to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of a Kilimanjaro ascent! As an optional addition, you can go on a Ngorongoro Safari. You will have two days to unwind on Safari, and admire the legendary wildlife of East Africa in the unforgettable Ngorongoro Crater.

Adventure Cafe will escort you to this wonderful country, and introduce you to the wonders of the Mighty Kili. During the course of your two weeks you will take a classic route up the mountain, taking enough time to ensure that you both savour the experience but also are well prepared for your summit attempt. The classic itinerary includes only the climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro, although you have the choice to optionally add on extra components, such as a Zanzibar Chill Out, or an Ngorongoro Safari, or even before your Kili Climb to bolt on the Mount Meru Trek… Just ask, or check the other Tanzania itineraries.



Day 1: Arrive at Kilimanjaro airport at …. On pickup and transfer to your Hotel in Moshi for overnight dinner & breakfast.

Day 2: Machame Gate (1,490 m/4,890 ft) to Machame camp (2,980 m/9,780 ft). Hiking time: 7 hours; Distance: About 18 km's

Day 3: Machame camp (2,980 m/9,780 ft) to Shira camp (3,840 m/12,600 ft). Hiking time: 6 hours; Distance: About 9 km's 

Day 4: Acclimatization day at Shira camp (3,840 m/12,600 ft).

Day 5: Shira camp (3,840 m/12,600 ft)) to Lava Tower (4,630 m/15,190 ft) to Barranco Camp (3,950 m/12,960 ft) 15 km, 7 hours. Habitat: Semi-Desert

Day 6: Barranco Camp (3,950 m/12,960 ft) to Karanga Valley Camp (4200m) 4hours. Habitat: Semi-Desert

Day 7: Karanga Valley Camp (4200m) to Barafu Camp (4,550 m/14,930 ft) Habitat: Semi-Desert

Day 8: Summit Day! Barafu Camp (4,550 m/14,930 ft) to Uhuru Peak (5,895 m/19,340 ft) to Mweka (3,100 m/10,170 ft). Hiking time; 8 hours to reach Uhuru Peak, 7/8 hours to descend to Mweka. Distance: About 7 km's ascent, 23 km's descent. Habitat: Stone scree and ice-capped summit.

Day 9: Final descent, Mweka camp (3,100 m/10,170 ft):- Mweka Gate (1,980 m/6,500 ft). Hiking/Descend time: 3hours. Distance: About 15 km's. Picked and then transfer to your Hotel in Moshi town: dinner and breakfast.

Day 10: Transfer to JRO for the flight back home.

Your trek has had some considerable time and thought dedicated to its development. It is Adventure Cafe’s objective to get you to the top of the Mountain safely, with the minimum chance of altitude sickness. We want you to actually enjoy the experience of standing atop the highest mountain in Africa. In order to do this, it is necessary to spend time at altitude, and to be patient, and wait long enough before making the final ascent of Uhuru Peak, and actually savour the experience.

Occasionally, it may not be possible to follow the itinerary as planned. This may be for a variety of reasons; climatic, political, physical or other. In these circumstances we will make the best alternative arrangements possible that maintains the integrity of the original itinerary, you will be advised as soon as possible to this effect.


Route Map


In Moshi we shall be using a comfortable good quality hotel. Whilst on trek we shall stay in tented accommodation, actually a great way to stay warm on the mountain as the tent traps air very effectively and helps to insulate you against the cold night time temperatures. Tents are 2 person sharing. There is also a dining tent provided on the mountain.


What is a Level 4.0 Trekking Challenge Like?

You are now moving into the realms of serious challenges - where you are likely to encounter rough and steep terrain, sleep deprivation – ie very long days, or even high altitude. In any case - be prepared for an event which is going to take you well past the limits of your comfort zone. Trekking days will be up to 13 hours, or slightly less if the event stretches over several days. The severity of the challenge may be magnified by various factors - and you will need to be more resilient - variable weather conditions, simple food and maybe camping – these factors forms a part of the challenge. You need to be in good shape to undertake any of these events, and you need to be training regularly. The height gain each day is greater than for level 3 - so expect plenty of hills! A level 4 challenge would involve a very long day (in excess of 28 miles) or some serious hill climbing (multiple peaks in one day) - or possibly both!


How Fit Do I need to be to join a Level 4.0 ‘Trek’?

To participate in these events you need to be in very good fitness. You enjoy taking exercise, and do it regularly (a couple of times a week minimum). You may well partake in several different types of activity, possibly including the gym, swimming, running, or circuit training. You probably are capable of running up to 5 or 6 miles, but in a good steady speed (around 9-10 minute miling). If you do not run - you should be regularly undertaking challenging walks or other strenuous exercise. You should be comfortable walking 17-19 miles in the English lowland countryside.


Medical Issues

Please note, it is extremely important for this physical challenge that you are in good health. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consider carefully whether you should be joining the challenge. Please ensure you fill in the booking form accurately and honestly, this is important. In the case of serious conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, recent illness or operations), please discuss the challenge with your GP. Please also ensure you notify us of any allergies or similar.

You should be used to walking long distances each day to contemplate this trek. It requires stamina and good aerobic fitness - but good willpower will also come in handy! Failure to disclose medical conditions is a serious omission - that could have serious repercussions on any of our challenges.


Visas / Redtape

When travelling abroad you may require a Visa. Please check the Travcour website ( for up to date Visa information. Here they can advise you on the best action to take. If you require further information please don't hesitate to contact the Café.


Included In Trip

Your transfers from the airport, to the beginning of the trails, your accommodation in hotel pre trek and post trek, tents on the mountain, your guide, your porter and all food on trek, thorough altitude briefing, and preparatory discussions with experienced Kili leader before departure. Kilimanjaro Park Fees payment now included.


Excluded From Trip

International Airfares; please ask if you require assistance with flights and we will recommend suitable flights for you. Excludes transfers in UK to airport, Excludes meals in Moshi. Tips (around £250) to be agreed locally between team.


Equipment Required

Suncream, Blister Repair Kit, Plasters, Vaseline
Rehydration Salts, Painkillers, Sunbloc, Immodium
Anti-Malarial Medication, Hand Disinfectant Lotion (optional)
Insect Repellant

Pack Towel (lifesystems recommended), Soap (small bar)
Shampoo (not a full size bottle!)
Toothbrush, Toothpaste (small size)

Hill Walking Items
Sleeping Bag - 4 season rated to -15°C comfort rating
Sleeping Mat (thick Karrimat/Thermarest style)
Day Sack (25-35 litre)
Big Rucksack (to carry all your overnight gear)
Rucksack Liner(s) / Plastic Liner(s) for Rucksack
Bladder System (highly recommended - or other water bottles e.g. exercise bottle/Nalgene bottle)
Walking Poles (highly recommended)
Sun Hat (wide brimmed), Neck Scarf
Snack Foods for time in trek - esp. items that you may crave on the trail

Warm Clothing
Lightweight Fleece, Medium Weight Fleece, Heavyweight Fleece
Duvet Jacket, Lightweight Gloves, Heavy Gloves (mitten type recommended)
Fleece Hat, Balaclava

Trek Clothing
Long Cotton Trekking Trousers, 1 Pair Tracksuit Bottoms
Comfortable Trekking Shirts (long/short sleeved)
Walking Boots (broken in with ankle protection)
Walking Socks, Liner Socks
Underwear, Thermal Underwear
1 Change of Casual Evening Wear

Outer Fully Waterproof Jacket (Gore-tex, E-vent)
Outer Waterproof Bottoms

Toilet Roll / Pack of Travel Tissues
Diary, Spare Lace
Camera, Film / Memory Card / Spare Battery
Travel Documents, Visa's (if applicable - in most of our long haul countries you may pay for your visa on arrival)
Travel Insurance (compulsory)
Wallet, Money Belt, Credit Cards, Cash (local currency - please note on long haul treks it may not be possible to get currency before you travel)
Sunglasses, Spare Comfortable Shoes
Penknife, Mobile Phone (packed in a plastic bag deep inside your day pack!)
Emergency Rations (energy foods - for the tough days on trek)
Head Torch with spare batteries and bulb

Specialist Items for Long Haul Trips
Mosquito Nets, Water Purification Kit, Sewing Kit
Non-Caffeinated Drinks - i.e fruit powdered drink / green tea / herbal tea
US Dollars are the most convenient and convertible form of currency in many distant corners of the world - recommended!


Kit Hire

It is possible to hire equipment via our specialist kit hire providers Outdoor Hire Ltd. We have negotiated a 10% discount for all our mountain challengers.


Safety Information

By nature all activities contain an element of risk.Your leader will be first aid qualified and will carry the appropriate safety kit for the activity, such as mountain safety shelters, walking rope and from time to time mobile radios. Safety equipment carried will be appropriate to trip. The leader's primary role is to ensure your safety, but it is your responsibility to listen to their guidance and instructions.



Year round warmth, with some rainy days. Note that Tanzania has a rainy season, when climbing Kili is not recommended (March until May). The short rainy season is possible to trek, although not the ideal choice, where short rains are experienced each day. This is during the month of November.


Notes on Trekking Events

Trek the Mountains of the World with Adventure Cafe, and our fantastic team of qualified leaders. From the UK, to the Alps, Pyrenees, Atlas Mountains, Himalayas and even Kilimanjaro. Put our International Mountain Leaders to the test! Check.


Adventure Cafe Booking Terms and Conditions

By booking an event with Adventure Cafe, you agree to these standard terms of booking. Please ensure that you read the appropriate document for your type of event carefully.

Adventure Cafe Terms & Conditions - For all types of event

To Reserve Your Space on this Challenge

You should fill in the Google Form - linked here below, and then please call us on 01823 444 246 to advise of your payment method. We can accept card payments over the phone, or Bank Transfer. Please note that your space is not confirmed until you have received your booking receipt.

CLICK HERE: Adventure Cafe Challenge Booking Form - For Challenge Events



Guide price

£Price on application



This Challenge is for exclusive group departures – please call us for more information

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Kilimanjaro Classic Machame Trek Picture 2
Kilimanjaro Classic Machame Trek Picture 2

Kilimanjaro Classic Machame Trek Picture 3
Kilimanjaro Classic Machame Trek Picture 3

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