Liechtenstein Mountain Traverse Picture 1
Liechtenstein Mountain Traverse Picture 1

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Best Time of Year: May to August

Max alt:  2600m

Dist:  50km

Min age:  18

Duration:  3

Alps Microstate Traverse

Trek Adventure

Liechtenstein’s diminutive size, as Europe’s fourth smallest country, is made up by its towering, impressive peaks that are scattered throughout the country. Nestled in between Germany and Switzerland in the heart of the Alps, Liechtenstein is Europe’s unassuming, hidden gem trekking destination. This 3-day mountain journey will take us from the capital city Vaduz, summit multiple peaks, along an inspiring ridgeline, and through undulating alpine meadows.


Day One

Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, is easily accessible by public transport from Zurich Airport. Two changes within a 1.5-hour journey will deliver you at the start. You’ll have time to explore the capital before we meet for dinner at a recommended restaurant to taste the local dishes and listen to the event briefing. We’ll then retire to our comfortable accommodation.


Day Two

After a continental breakfast, we’ll save our legs and use a short bus ride to access the mountainous area. We’ll step off the bus and onto the footpath of our first walk. We’ll wind up along a track and through an alpine meadow, potentially full of alpine wildflowers depending on the time of year (May to July). We’ll gradually ascend to reach the summit of Galinakopf at 2160m for an impressive view of the route we’ll take over the next few days. From the summit you’ll be able to see four countries: Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. We’ll descend the same way and, energy permitting, summit another peak en route to Malbun, our dining and accommodation destination the evening.


Day Three

After a hotel continental breakfast, we’ll ready ourselves to step out the door and ascend Sareis, 1974m, for a fabulous coffee stop with a 360 degrees view. Once energised, we’ll work our way steadily along the ridgeline of multiple peaks using a well-maintained footpath with a little exposure on one side. This ridge acts as a natural border between Liechtenstein and Austria. Eventually we’ll reach Bettlerjoch, an alpine refuge built on the ridge. We can either rest here for the remainder of the day or push on to summit Naafkopf, a towering peak with views overlooking the microstate. Once back at the refuge we’ll settle in for the night, watch the sun set and enjoy a cooked meal made by the hut guardian. We’ll use shared bunk accommodation.


Day Four

Our last day will descend back to Vaduz over undulating terrain and alpine meadows. We’ll cross over the saddle of Kolm at 1950m for final impressive summit views before walking into the woodland and into the capital of the microstate.



Route Map

What is a Level 3.0 Trekking Challenge Like?

These challenges are either longer, higher, or span several days. In the case of single day events, you can expect up to 9 hours trekking. In the case of a multi day trek, you can expect a lower daily duration, but of course the effort is sustained over a longer period. You need to be keen on physical exercise for these events, and to enjoy taking exercise, and do it regularly. Longer duration long haul treks are likely to be easier in terms of the physical walking, however you will need to be more resilient, due to simple living conditions. UK single day or weekend level 3 treks are suited to walkers and trekkers with some previous history of upland walking or alternatively a good amount of lowland training behind them.


How Fit Do I need to be to join a Level 3.0 ‘Trek’?

You need to have good endurance for these events. You must be used to doing very long walks in the countryside; 7 hours plus . You should be doing regular exercise, possibly with some running. Your running speed will be fairly steady; nothing too fast, and you should be able to run a minimum of 4 miles. If you do not run, you should be concentrating on other types of exercise but for longer periods of time (i.e. sessions in excess of 1.5 hrs). These other forms of exercise should be at a moderate to high level. e.g. spinning, circuits, swimming, or other sports.


Equipment Required

Water Purification Tablets, Suncream, Blister Repair Kit
Plasters, Vaseline, Rehydration Salts
Painkillers, Sunbloc, Insect Repellant

Pack Towel (lifesystems recommended), Soap (small bar)
Shampoo (not a full size bottle!)
Toothbrush, Toothpaste (small size)

Hill Walking Items
Sleeping Bag - 2/3 season rated to 0° C comfort rating or sleeping bag liner (silk or cotton)
Medium Sized Rucksack - lined with waterproof bags
Rucksack Liner(s) / Plastic Liner(s) for Rucksack
Bladder System (highly recommended - or other water bottles e.g. exercise bottle/Nalgene bottle)
Walking Poles (highly recommended)
Sun Hat (wide brimmed), Neck Scarf
Snack Foods - we recommend good slow burning items - nuts, dried fruit, cereal bars etc.

Warm Clothing
Lightweight Fleece, Medium Weight Fleece, Lightweight Gloves
Heavy Gloves (mitten type recommended), Fleece Hat

Trek Clothing
Long Cotton Trekking Trousers, 1 Pair Tracksuit Bottoms
Comfortable Trekking Shirts (long/short sleeved)
Walking Boots (broken in with ankle protection)
Walking Socks, Liner Socks
Underwear, 1 Change of Casual Evening Wear

Outer Fully Waterproof Jacket (Gore-tex, E-vent)
Outer Waterproof Bottoms

Toilet Roll / Pack of Travel Tissues, Spare Lace
Camera, Film / Memory Card / Spare Battery
Travel Documents, EHIC Travel Card
Travel Insurance (compulsory)

Wallet, Credit Cards, Cash
Sunglasses, Spare Comfortable Shoes
Penknife, Mobile Phone (packed in a plastic bag deep inside your day pack!)
Emergency Rations (energy foods - for the tough days on trek)
Head Torch with spare batteries and bulb


Kit Hire

It is possible to hire equipment via our specialist kit hire providers Outdoor Hire Ltd. We have negotiated a 10% discount for all our mountain challengers.


Notes on Trekking Events

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Liechtenstein Mountain Traverse Picture 2

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Liechtenstein Mountain Traverse Picture 3