Mont Blanc Summit Expedition Picture 1
Mont Blanc Summit Expedition Picture 1

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Best Time of Year: April - October

Max alt:  4804m

Dist:  60km

Min age:  18

Duration:  9

Mont Blanc Summit Expedition

Trek Adventure

Get ready for an intense mountain experience—a great opportunity to experience the high alpine environment, in the hands of a highly experienced professional.
You will be trained in the use of ice axe and crampons, roping together, briefed on glacier travel, and how to get the very most, in the safest possible way in these high mountains.

Including both training, acclimatisation, and close ratio supervision whilst on the mountain - this is a very carefully managed undertaking. As well as being physically capable, you will also need to prepare thoroughly for this tough undertaking. From equipment, to technical skills - you will need to be ready for the rigours that climbing to the highest point in Europe entails. This said, with a strong positive attitude, good fitness, good listening and learning skills, and the ability to follow the guide's instructions, you will have an excellent chance of succeeding on this very special challenge.



Please note days 4-9 are indicative and are typical of this type of itinerary, although are subject to change dependent upon conditions. The itinerary may be shortened slightly - subject to previous experience.

Day 1 - Arrive in Chamonix area - Overnight at hotel
Day 2 - Trek to Refuge Albert Premier - stop for a quick lunch break and return to Valley - make final preparations for the next day (finalise equipment hire if required)
Day 3 - A glacier day at Grands Montets looking at crampon technique, walking roped up and crevasse rescue with a short scramble to finish.
Day 4 - Walk up to Vittorio Emmanuel Hut and do some rock climbing at the hut.
Day 5 - An early start and an ascent of a peak (La Trezenta or Ciarforon, both around 3600m) before returning back down to the hut.
Day 6 - extra day is built in which will give extra opportunities to acclimatize, more chances of getting good weather, and more time to practice, explore and generally get the best from the high mountain experience.
Day 7 - Take the Midi Telepherique and descend to the Cosmiques Hut or climb up to the Gouter Hut. If the weather is good we can continue to the summit of Mont Blanc in the afternoon, returning to the Gouter Hut for dinner.
Day 8 - Early start to climb Mont Blanc and descend back to Chamonix. Overnight in hotel
Day 9 - Depart for home!


Route Map


First and last night in Chamonix, in hotel accommodation.
Huts will be used in between these, and possibly further nights in hotels.

Accommodation will be on a Bed & Breakfast basis.


What is a Level 5.0 Trekking Challenge Like?

For all of these events, we need to have a thorough referral on your fitness and endurance levels. These are serious challenges, and need to be approached seriously. You should have a lengthy history of completing challenges, and we shall ask for details and timings of your previous events. Trekking or running days can last up to 16 hours (running would be less), and can have extreme levels of hill climbing. You need excellent leg strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity. You will also need excellent resilience, in the face of altitude, the weather, as well as the normal physical nature of the challenge. Often these events involve some form of running - or at least fast movement over the ground. You should have good, well tested equipment, to suit the event you are taking part in.


How Fit Do I need to be to join a Level 5.0 ‘Trek’?

You consider yourself to have a very good to excellent level of fitness and endurance. You regularly push your limits and undertake strenuous exercise regularly. You must be capable of running 15km inside 90 minutes. If you go out walking in the English countryside, a walk of 8 hours and 22 miles should not present you with any difficulty. You should be able to walk up steep hills fast, and for long periods, climbing a peak like Ben Nevis via the tourist path should be easy to you, and you should enjoy striding fast up the climb. You would be able to climb Snowdon in under 1 hour and 45 minutes via the Miners or Pyg Track. You should also be very well prepared in terms of your personal equipment, especially your boots.


Medical Issues

Please note, it is extremely important for this physical challenge that you are in good health. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consider carefully whether you should be joining the challenge. Please ensure you fill in the booking form accurately and honestly, this is important. In the case of serious conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, recent illness or operations), please discuss the challenge with your GP. Please also ensure you notify us of any allergies or similar.

You should be used to walking reasonable distances each day to contemplate this trek. It requires stamina and good aerobic fitness - but good willpower will also come in handy! Failure to disclose medical conditions is a serious omission - that could have serious repercussions on any of our challenges.


Included In Trip

Includes Guiding for the event, at ratios appropriate to what you are doing. Includes instruction in ice axe and crampon technique, and how to move on glaciated terrain. Includes accommodation throughout, and breakfasts.


Excluded From Trip

Crampon and boot hire, ice axes, and helmets and harnesses. (Please ask if you require any of these and we may be able to arrange hire.)
Uplift fees on cable cars
Lunches, Dinners, Drinks and Snacks (We recommend you bring some good trekking sna


Equipment Required

Medikit Water Purification Kit
Blister Repair Kit
Rehydration Salts
Insect Repellant

Pack Towel (lifesystems recommended)


Safety Information

Please note - the Mont Blanc Challenge takes place in the high Alpine environment, which is by its nature unpredictable. Your Guide (IFMGA Qualified) will have completed this challenge many times before, however, there are certain aspects of this event that are less predictable than trekking at more normal altitudes, and where there is no snow and ice. If you wish to discuss this further, please call Adventure Café on 01460 249191.



Trekking to almost 5000m you are well and truly at the mercy of the elements. Your trek to the summit (subject to weather conditions and timings) - may see you departing very, very early - around 3 to 4am.

You will need to be prepared for cold weather and sunny conditions - please be prepared for both and also later in the day be aware that you need to stay hydrated as it can get quite hot in the middle of the day on the way down.


Notes on Trekking Events

Trek the Mountains of the World with Adventure Cafe, and our fantastic team of qualified leaders. From the UK, to the Alps, Pyrenees, Atlas Mountains, Himalayas and even Kilimanjaro. Put our International Mountain Leaders to the test! Check.


Adventure Cafe Booking Terms and Conditions

By booking an event with Adventure Cafe, you agree to these standard terms of booking. Please ensure that you read the appropriate document for your type of event carefully.

Adventure Cafe Terms & Conditions - For all types of event

To Reserve Your Space on this Challenge

You should fill in the Google Form - linked here below, and then please call us on 01823 444 246 to advise of your payment method. We can accept card payments over the phone, or Bank Transfer. Please note that your space is not confirmed until you have received your booking receipt.

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Guide price

£Price on application



This Challenge is for exclusive group departures – please call us for more information

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Mont Blanc Summit Expedition Picture 2
Mont Blanc Summit Expedition Picture 2

Mont Blanc Summit Expedition Picture 3
Mont Blanc Summit Expedition Picture 3