Thames Canoe Marathon Challenge Picture 1
Thames Canoe Marathon Challenge Picture 1

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Best Time of Year: Year Round

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Dist:  95 miles

Min age: 

Duration:  5

Thames Canoe Marathon

Paddle Adventure

Test yourselves on a route that is used as a race by paddle sports athletes every year. Canoeing the river Thames and carrying your boat around the multitude of locks along the route. Paddle between 15-20 miles per day on sections of the river

Paddle the heartland of the country, the river Thames being Englands longest river and UK's second longest.

It has been used to transport royalty and held olympics along with the Oxford - Cambridge yearly rowing competition.

Starting in rural areas we will paddle through the rivers non tidal section and it's mass system of locks, passing picturesque countryside and slowly getting closer to modern day suburban civilisation.

Getting closer to the nations capital we will pass Historic and royal palaces such as Windsor and Hampton court also passing the Royal canoe club which is the oldest canoe club in the world at Teddington



DAY 1: Starting in Lechlade on a more rural section of the river paddling through a quiet and tranquil environment to break yourself in with 14-15 miles, getting used to the boat and your paddling partner. Passing up to 7 locks and finishing in Newbridge.


DAY 2: Starting in Abingdon. Now increasing the distance slightly around 17 miles paddling and padding up to 6 locks, still a rural section of the river but picking up more rowers and small river craft passing throughout the day. Finishing at Goring.


DAY 3: Starting in Sonning on a 14/15 miles stretch passing up to 7 locks you will be used to your paddling partner and boat to continue on a busier section of river with more craft. Paddling through more built up sections and past the lock at Hurley home of the Hurley classic international paddlesports festival. Finishing the day at Marlow


DAY 4: Starting this day at Windsor near the dorney lake used in the olympics covering up to 19 miles this day and passing up to 7 locks, picturesque sections of river with great properties but a busier section of river now we are entering the more suburban part of London. Finishing the day in Walton on Thames


DAY 5: Starting where we finished off the day before in Walton on Thames, today is roughly an 18 mile day passing up to 3 locks. A main feature is passing Teddington lock where the river Thames becomes tidal and passing Hampton Court Palace, weaving your way around what you would recognise as the Eastenders opening scene of the river. Finishing today near Barnes/Hammersmith area of London.



Route Map

What is a Level 2.5 Paddle Challenge Like?

These challenges are moving up in intensity from beginner level, and will require a higher level of fitness. You will need the appropriate specific fitness - probably requiring good flexibility in the case of climbing or caving. In the case of Open Canoeing, the event will probably seem fairly straightforward to begin - however, you need a good level of endurance to complete the event. Most itineraries in this category require some degree of upper body strength - especially in the case of open canoeing with 2 stars and above.


How Fit Do I need to be to join a Level 2.5 ‘Paddle Challenge’?

To participate in these 2.5 star challenges you do not need to be an alite endurance athlete - however, some light gym work - focused around upper body, and core strength would be a good idea. You must be used to doing longer days in the outdoors - 6-8 hours. You should be used to doing some kind of exercise, and probably being out and exercising for several hours at a time - even if it is at a relatively low intensity. Remember, the more preparation you put in, the more enjoyment you will take out.


Medical Issues

Please note, it is extremely important for this physical challenge that you are in good health. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consider carefully whether you should be joining the challenge. Please ensure you fill in the booking form accurately and honestly, this is important. In the case of serious conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, recent illness or operations), please discuss the challenge with your GP. Please also ensure you notify us of any allergies or similar.

It requires stamina and good aerobic fitness - but good willpower will also come in handy! Failure to disclose medical conditions is a serious omission - that could have serious repercussions on any of our challenges.


Special Notes

Route info: Straight lines between days 1,2 and 3 are shuttles between start/finish location


Included In Trip

BCU qualified canoe guides, canoes, buoyancy aids, paddles, pre event joining instruction and accommodation with breakfast.


Equipment Required

Loose Comfortable Paddling Clothes (2 sets)
Waterproof Jacket
Trainers / Paddling Shoes / Sandals
Drybag / Bin Liners / Other waterproof kit bag - to store kit inside boat
Sunglasses, Suncream, Sunhat
Packed Lunch, Water Bottle
Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Mat
Personal Washkit, Towel
Spare Clothes for evening wear
Plastic bags to store wet gear after the event
Mobile Phone (stored in a plastic bag)
Personal Money and Cards
Safe place to store Car Keys for the weekend!
Gloves (you may find these useful if you have soft hands - to avoid blistering)



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Thames Canoe Marathon Challenge Picture 2
Thames Canoe Marathon Challenge Picture 2

Thames Canoe Marathon Challenge Picture 3
Thames Canoe Marathon Challenge Picture 3