European/UK Treks

We are proud of a very special range of UK and European Trekking challenges. These itineraries have been developed over the years through careful development. In addition to this, our in house team of UK and International Mountain Leaders will be happy to work on an all new adventure for your group!

CountryName:DescriptionDurationFitness LevelDistancePrice
Andorra Andorran Alpine Adventure 3 days of mountain walking in the Pyrenean country of Andorra, including a night's stay in a high alpine hut. 5 days 50km From £Price on enquiry
Austria Austrian Three Peaks A classic mountain challenge with a twist - you’ll have three days to summit three mountains in the Austrian Alps. 3 days 60 From £Price on enquiry
England 20 Peaks Lake District Challenge The 20 Peaks Challenge is to climb 20 of the English Lake District's peaks, each one over 700m high, within 24 hours total walking time (over 2 days). An arduous and rewarding challenge that will give the lucky participants a fantastic two day introduction to England’s most popular mountain areas. Whilst some of the route follows well-defined ridges, the challenge itself is a significant and demanding high-level traverse of one of the UK’s more popular mountain ranges, and the overall distance and height gains are not to be underestimated. The event can be provided as one day with 10 peaks or two days with 20 peaks. 4 days 50km From £Price on enquiry
England Dartmoor 10 Tors Challenge Take a walk on the wild side in the West Country's last great wilderness - the scene of an annual classic challenge 'Ten Tors'. We'll recreate our own Ten Tors challenge taking in the very best of the Moors. If you are looking for a large scale event with support vehicle cover we recommend taking on our Marathon and/or half marathon loops that can be run on a combined event. If you are looking to take on the high peaks in a more remote area choose from either a 10 mile A-B route finishing in a cracking pub or a half marathon loop finishing back at your accommodation. 1 day From £Price on enquiry
England Edale Skyline Half Marathon Trek This challenge sees us taking in one long day of trekking along the Roman Roads, gritstone edges and classic ridges of the Vale of Edale. Be ready for a challenge - and also be ready for a beautiful walk through breathtaking scenery. We shall climb up from Hope, over Kinder Scout and Kinder Downfall, not dipping below 1,000ft until our return to walk through the Edale Valley. Our route will involve a distance of approximately 13 miles, starting and finishing straight from your accommodation. 2 days 13 mi From £Price on enquiry
England English 3000s Challenge You’ve heard of the Welsh may have even completed it. Well, here’s a new challenge for you. The English 3000s. Yes, our famous Lake District National Park is home to eight notable 3000 ft peaks and we’re planning a jaunt to reach all of them in one weekend! 3 days 33km From £Price on enquiry
England Hadrian's Wall 3 Day Newcastle to Carlisle Take on this challenging traverse of the country from Newcastle to Carlisle in just 3 days! Take yourself back in history and walk the route of Hadrian's Wall. Was it built to keep the Scots out or to keep the Northern England Brigantes tribe in? Whichever, it was an impressive feat of engineering being 8-10 feet wide and 15 feet high with a rampart walk and a 6 foot high parapet. This is a tough challenge with distances of 26 miles on Day 1, then 20 miles on Day 2 and 22 miles Day 3. Please note this can also be delivered as a two day itinerary with either 28 miles/45km along the central highlights or 56 miles/90km from Carlisle to Heddon on the Wall. It can also be extended to a more manageable 4-day event. Please call or email us for more details. 5 days 108km From £Price on enquiry
England Hadrian's Wall 4 to 6-Day Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend Trek Take on our toughest Hadrians Wall itinerary walking the width of the country from Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend in just 4 huge days! Take yourself back in history and walk the route of Hadrian's Wall. Was it built to keep the Scots out or to keep the Northern England Brigantes tribe in? Whichever, it was an impressive feat of engineering being 8-10 feet wide and 15 feet high with a rampart walk and a 6 foot high parapet. This is a super tough challenge with a full marathon distance of 42km on Day 1, 29km on Day 2 and then yes another full on marathon distance of 42km with a 30km day to finish. Please note this can also be delivered as a two day itinerary with either 28 miles/45km along the central highlights or 56 miles/90km from Carlisle to Heddon on the Wall. Please ask for more details. 6 days 142km From £Price on enquiry
England Jurassic Coast Trek Join this amazing coastal trek exploring England's first World Heritage Site; The Jurassic Coast. It is a challenging distance over undulating (hilly!) terrain, taking in the best of this incredible world renowned destination. Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door are certainly the most famous spots you will be visiting, but some of the quieter stretches of the path are every bit as rewarding. 3 days 38km From £Price on application
England South Downs Way 5 Day Trek Take on the full South Downs route all the way from Winchester to Eastbourne over 5 days averaging 20 miles a day! This is an absolute classic undulating trail across 170km with many, many hills to conquer along the way. Following the way of the Pilgrams, you will certainly be put through your paces, but you will be greatly rewarded when you tackle the last component of the Severn Sisters as you come into Eastbourne on your last day, with breathtaking views across the channel. 6 days 170km From £Price on application
Germany Bavarian Alps Challenge Trek Get ready for beautiful alpine scenery, wonderful wild flowers, hearty Bavarian Cuisine, and lashings of good clean fun. You will be staying in predominantly valley village accommodation, but with some of the most amazing high-level trekking to be found in this part of Europe! With traditional Bavarian hospitality awaiting you, and clean mountain air, and a tough challenge ahead - why not join us on this little know, but mountain challenge. 5 days 60km From £Price on enquiry
Greece Mount Olympus Trek Greece Come embark on an epic adventure into mythology. An incredible journey to the uppermost point on mainland Greece - Mount Olympus - the abode of the Greek Gods. We shall require 3 days on the mountain to complete this challenge - with 2 nights in the high refuges - just to be sure of completing the challenge. In the valley we shall stay in Litochoro with time to sample the local cuisine and to celebrate an awesome achievement. 5 days 35km From £Price on application
Italy Etna Coast to Crater Adventure Café have created this extended Volcanic adventure to ascend the full 3200m of Mt Etna in just 2 days of trekking! Beginning your adventure right from the Coastal waters of Sicily and up the ashy trails to the giant smouldering summit crater. You will spend a night in a mountain refuge. 4 days 45km From £Price on enquiry
Mallorca GR221 Trek Across Mallorca Come and explore Mallorca's wonder trek - the GR 221 - a trail that enables you to discover the amazing stone landscapes in the Tramuntana mountain range. It is so stunning that it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the category of a Cultural Landscape. This trek is a short action packed 4 day break. 4 days 43km From £Price on enquiry
Montenegro Montenegro Bay of Kotor Trek Join on board this unique mountain ridge tour that will take you high above the Bay of Kotor in the country known as 'Black' (Negro) 'Mountain' (Monte)' With 3000 meters of ascent along the limestone ridge line of the Dinaric Alps, starting and returning to Sea level every day! This is a specially designed route to test your endurance on the Primorska Planinarska Transverzala trail, stretching across the entire length of the biggest gulf of the Adriatic Sea. With 40 miles along the ridge line 1000m high above the waters, this is a challenge not to be underestimated. To wet your appetite, upon arrival into Herceg Novi join us an optional 5 mile walk up to the Montengro/Croatian border to walk with one foot in either country! After a short transfer on Day 1, we will set off from Perast up to our first peak over across 8 miles with shuttles at the end of the day. Day 2 will see you push yourself over 13 miles along the stunning Vrmac ridge dropping down into Kotor. We then have an absolute gem of a challenge on Day 3 as you take on the astounding Ladder of Cattaro! Count off 70 switchbacks up this steep finale over 14 miles with breathtaking views from the Krstac Pass out to the Adriatic Sea. Your reward on this itinerary is coming down off the mountain each day to your Hotels on the edge of the Bay so kick back and relax in style each night in the charming restaurants overlooking the Bay in the picturesque and enigmatic villages of Perast and Kotor in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. 5 days 40miles From £Price on application
Poland Tatras of Poland Trek Prepare yourself to be captivated by the spectacular environment that is the Tatras of Poland. You will be trekking out of the traditional village of Zakopane with it's beautiful sloping red roofs and horse and carts. Climb up on to the Szczerba mountain pass and through the Kondratowa valley with dolomite and limestone cliffs and caves surrounding you. Upon reaching the summit of Weilki Giewont, that looks like a lying knight and is full of local folklore, you will then venture out to traverse the spectacular Polish/Slovakian border known as the Suche Czuby ridge line with one foot in either country. 4 days 30km From £Price on application
Scotland Suilven Stac Pollaidh Assynt Trek Imagine a lost corner of the British Isles. Imagine a peak like none other. A peak left behind long after the surrounding land has been scoured away - like a towering lost pinnacle. And now imagine yourself striding across lazily meandering Scottish burns and through pristine wild heather to reach this enigmatic mountain. Tolkien couldn't have dreamed a more mysterious land - join us as we explore the Lost Peaks of Assynt - Suilven, Stac Pollaidh and Cul Beag. 4 days 40km From £Price on application
Slovenia Slovenia Julian Alps Trek A view of the Soča and the upper Sava river valleys spreads below Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain. Lying between the two rivers is Triglav National Park, which protects numerous endemic animal and plant species in a region of high rocky mountains, deeply cut river gorges, high-mountain karst shafts, and attractive low mountains as well as the traditions of the once difficult life of mountain farmers and alpine dairymen. 4 days 30km From £Price on application
Wales 10 Beacons Challenge An awesome weekend trek that will see us trek out along the central ridge line of the Brecon Beacons starting from the quiet Tawe valley, heading up Fan Gyhirych, around the Ystradfellte horseshoe and down to the Taff Trail for your first night of accommodation. We then head up the amazing Pen Y Fan Horseshoe, and across the outlying peaks of Cribyn and Fan Y Big, before dropping back down into the Usk Valley. 2 days 42km From £Price on enquiry
Wales 10 Waterfalls Half Marathon Trek A beautiful 1/2 marathon trek taking in 10 of Brecon Beacon's very best waterfalls on some very special scenic trails. You'll begin by following the Nedd Fechan ascent via five falls; Sgwd Gwladys, Sgwd y Bedol, Sgwd Ddwli Isaf 1 & 2 and Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf. We then head cross country to step into the Mellte gorge to follow the classic Four Falls trail, taking in Sgwd Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd y Pannwr and the very special Sgwd yr Eira where you get to walk all the way behind the waterfall. Be prepared you will get wet from the spray! Finally we drop briefly into the Sychryd river for the final tranquil Sychryd Waterfall. Its then a stomp down to Dinas Rock where we finish our half marathon trek. This will be one awesome challenge! 1 day 21km From £Price on enquiry
Wales Yr Wyddfa Snowdon Horseshoe Snowdonia is unquestionably a unique mountain environment, spectacular, harsh, sharp, jagged and perfect for exploring on foot, and ideally suited to mountain challenge events. The Snowdon Horseshoe is the focal point for the national park—the main attraction! The ancient glaciated landscape is special within the UK, originally formed by a combination of volcanic activity, then folded by the action of the continental plates, and then carved and sculpted by the glaciers of the last ice age…. You will witness all of this close up, and bring home memories to savour. Our bespoke route will take you away from the crowds and on to the most spectacular ridge lines. This full traverse takes in an impressive 5 of the 6 mountain routes to include the Miner's, Watkin, Rhyd Ddu, Llanberis and Rangers paths! 2 days 17.5km From £Price on application