Torres del Paine Patagonia Trek Picture 1
Torres del Paine Patagonia Trek Picture 1

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Best Time of Year: October - Feb

Max alt:  1000m

Dist:  70km

Min age: 

Duration:  13

Torres del Paine W Trek

Trek Adventure

Take your trekking to the next level, and join this incredible adventure to the most spectacular limestone towers on earth. This trek takes in the classic W trekking route - but with one extra day built in - just in case you experience poor conditions and low visibility, so you get an opportunity to get that incredible view of the world famous Towers of Paine.

We shall fly via Buenos Aires, to the true start point of our adventure - the town of El Calafate. From here we have a transfer to the start of the trek in Torres del Paine National Park, and we shall stay overnight to prepare for our trek. Even the transfers to get to the beginning of this trek are adventure travel and excitement personified. You will see this unique country and landscape as we travel. We plan to use a valley hotel prior to setting off on trek - up to the rather unique Domed Accommodation at the edge of Lake Pehoe. Over the next 4 days we shall continue to explore this stunningly beautiful area - before reaching the end of the trek after the incredible viewpoint of the Towers themselves at Las Torres.

We shall finally transfer back to El Calafate, and fly directly on to Buenos Aires for one last overnight, before flying home.



Day1 - Fly UK > Argentina

Day 2 - Arrive Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires Afternoon / Evening BA

Day 3 - Transfer to El Calafate (Approx 4 hours), then on to hotel in National Park

Day 4 - Short Transfer - Trek to Paine Grande Domes 

Day 5 - Trek to Refugio Grey

Day 6 - Trek to Paine Grande Domes

Day 7 - Trek to Camp Cuernos - via Camp Italiano & Britannico

Day 8 - Trek to Refugio Chileno (First Option to Trek to Towers)

Day 9 - the Big Towers Day - morning - then descend to Hotel

Day 10 - Spare Day in Itinerary - option to return to Torres - OPTIONAL

Day 11 - Depart - transfer to El Calafate (Approx 4 hours)

Day 12 - Optional Final Shopping and Relaxing Day in El Calafate (or Buenos Aires)

Day 13 - Depart to Fly Home

Day 14 - Arrive Home


Route Map


A mixture of hotels, and lodges on trek. We have tried to assure the beest of the available options on this very special itinerary. There are now some fantastic lodges as part of this route. We shall combine with some fantastic and fascinating locations in the towns that we pass through in Buenos Aires and El Calafate.


What is a Level 3.0 Trekking Challenge Like?

These challenges are either longer, higher, or span several days. In the case of single day events, you can expect up to 9 hours trekking. In the case of a multi day trek, you can expect a lower daily duration, but of course the effort is sustained over a longer period. You need to be keen on physical exercise for these events, and to enjoy taking exercise, and do it regularly. Longer duration long haul treks are likely to be easier in terms of the physical walking, however you will need to be more resilient, due to simple living conditions. UK single day or weekend level 3 treks are suited to walkers and trekkers with some previous history of upland walking or alternatively a good amount of lowland training behind them.


How Fit Do I need to be to join a Level 3.0 ‘Trek’?

You need to have good endurance for these events. You must be used to doing very long walks in the countryside; 7 hours plus . You should be doing regular exercise, possibly with some running. Your running speed will be fairly steady; nothing too fast, and you should be able to run a minimum of 4 miles. If you do not run, you should be concentrating on other types of exercise but for longer periods of time (i.e. sessions in excess of 1.5 hrs). These other forms of exercise should be at a moderate to high level. e.g. spinning, circuits, swimming, or other sports.


Visas / Redtape

You will need to organise visas for both Argentina and Chile for this expedition.


Included In Trip

Ground transfers, all hotels, expedition leadership. Food on trek. At other times - Breakfasts. All lodges on trek. Bedding in lodges included.


Excluded From Trip

You must carry your own items on trek for this challenge. Hence we shall look to pack lightweight - and carefully!


Equipment Required

Suncream, Blister Repair Kit, Plasters, Vaseline
Rehydration Salts, Painkillers, Sunbloc, Immodium
Anti-Malarial Medication, Hand Disinfectant Lotion (optional)
Insect Repellant

Pack Towel (lifesystems recommended), Soap (small bar)
Shampoo (not a full size bottle!)
Toothbrush, Toothpaste (small size)

Hill Walking Items
Sleeping Bag - 4 season rated to -15°C comfort rating
Sleeping Mat (thick Karrimat/Thermarest style)
Day Sack (25-35 litre)
Big Rucksack (to carry all your overnight gear)
Rucksack Liner(s) / Plastic Liner(s) for Rucksack
Bladder System (highly recommended - or other water bottles e.g. exercise bottle/Nalgene bottle)
Walking Poles (highly recommended)
Sun Hat (wide brimmed), Neck Scarf
Snack Foods for time in trek - esp. items that you may crave on the trail

Warm Clothing
Lightweight Fleece, Medium Weight Fleece, Heavyweight Fleece
Duvet Jacket, Lightweight Gloves, Heavy Gloves (mitten type recommended)
Fleece Hat, Balaclava

Trek Clothing
Long Cotton Trekking Trousers, 1 Pair Tracksuit Bottoms
Comfortable Trekking Shirts (long/short sleeved)
Walking Boots (broken in with ankle protection)
Walking Socks, Liner Socks
Underwear, Thermal Underwear
1 Change of Casual Evening Wear

Outer Fully Waterproof Jacket (Gore-tex, E-vent)
Outer Waterproof Bottoms

Toilet Roll / Pack of Travel Tissues
Diary, Spare Lace
Camera, Film / Memory Card / Spare Battery
Travel Documents, Visa's (if applicable - in most of our long haul countries you may pay for your visa on arrival)
Travel Insurance (compulsory)
Wallet, Money Belt, Credit Cards, Cash (local currency - please note on long haul treks it may not be possible to get currency before you travel)
Sunglasses, Spare Comfortable Shoes
Penknife, Mobile Phone (packed in a plastic bag deep inside your day pack!)
Emergency Rations (energy foods - for the tough days on trek)
Head Torch with spare batteries and bulb

Specialist Items for Long Haul Trips
Mosquito Nets, Water Purification Kit, Sewing Kit
Non-Caffeinated Drinks - i.e fruit powdered drink / green tea / herbal tea
US Dollars are the most convenient and convertible form of currency in many distant corners of the world - recommended!


Kit Hire

It is possible to hire equipment via our specialist kit hire providers Outdoor Hire Ltd. We have negotiated a 10% discount for all our mountain challengers.


Safety Information

It is possible to take an experienced UK leader, or to use only local guides. This choice is up to you. Please discuss with us in more detail.



Weather conditions are legendarily mixed here - and we need good visibility to get the most from our close up with the towers. And for this reason we have actually built in 3 opportunities to see the towers, in in the evening as we first approach with a late trek up, the next morning, and evening the day after that. Fingers crossed - that should do it !


Notes on Trekking Events

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Adventure Cafe Booking Terms and Conditions

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Guide price

Price on Application



This Challenge is for exclusive group departures – please call us for more information


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Torres del Paine Patagonia Trek Picture 2
Torres del Paine Patagonia Trek Picture 2

Torres del Paine Patagonia Trek Picture 3
Torres del Paine Patagonia Trek Picture 3